CSS - Powerful Styling

Photo of Alan Jones

Hi there! My name is Alan and over the past week I have been experimenting with CSS styles. There's so much you can do with CSS and with the explosion CSS3 has caused, the options to style and create are nearly endless.

Browser support for styling with newer CSS styles - mainly those released with CSS3 - has not been great. Older versions of IE - especially IE6-8 - have not been reworked to accept a lot of the new CSS properties, such as transformations which are not fully supported even when browser specific prefixes are used.

But aside from browser issues, CSS is worth its weight in gold, inversely. Good styling means you can style an entire website using just a small css file as long as good planning has gone into the build process. If so, using classes for many different elements can decrease file size and quicken load times. CSS is powerful, there's no doubt about that!